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Aabida Gani




Assassination of Innocence



Oh Son of Adam,

When I sense your sick thoughts;

I feel I’m harassed.

When I catch your lustful eyes staring at me;

I squeeze my body and breathe in terror.

When I hear you speaking malevolent things about me;

I feel you’re cutting me with the tenon-saw full of rust;

That doesn’t tear me apart though; but still hurts me a lot.

I am harassed, when I catch your hand while trying to touch me;

I am harassed, when you tease me, using abusive and absurd words.

You do the crime of eve-teasing;

When even you know, it is a crime

I am harassed, when you follow me;

I am harassed, the way you gaze at me,

In public;

In school;

In hospital;

In the parks;

In college;

In bus;

And on the roads.

Your presence harasses me everywhere.

Terror stricken, my nights don’t let me sleep;

And insecurity keeps me up all night.

I am maligned in the gossip of the  town;

I am cursed for your sin;

I am assumed a blot;

I am disgraced for your respect.

People at home, smack me down,


Outside I am spitefully talked about;

I turn deaf and don’t utter a word in protest.

Within the bars of society,

How can i escape you;

And keep myself safe?


How could i live my part?

When every time you conspire about upsetting me?

Your immoral and immodest acts make me think, rethink and overthink.


My being compels me to do malignant things to myself;

I think of going away to a distant place;

But there is a limit set by society;

That I can’t cross.

I think of raising my voice;


I am scared of slanderers;

For they would give malicious statements about me;

That my pious mother can’t bear.

To end all the stress from my life, I put an end to my life;

That doesn’t prove me weak;

That doesn’t prove me cowardly.

But my suicide makes you a murderer;

You being at fault, roam free of claims and I hang myself for your crime;

My silence stopped me speaking against you.

And I died an untimely death.






Aabida Gani

I am from Jammu and Kashmir and have completed a Masters in psychology with specialization in clinical psyhcology. I am currently doing my diploma in Creative Writing. I write more about societal and personal issues.

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