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Zaina F. Shah







Drowning in the sea,

Where I am supposed to be.

So vast and free,

Most ravishing sight I had ever seen.


I washed my sins

Rubbed off the misery.

Felt relaxed, serenity

Forgetting you’re his-tory.


These folds of salt and water

A mighty roar.

An experience, I wasn’t anymore.


I escaped that prison shore

I fought my way out.

This loneliness felt calm

Thank God- the silence wasn’t loud.


Felt like world beyond,

Reality blinked high.

Every time I raised, Volumes in Tranquility.

My heart serene, as I went deep

No noise, No sound, No evil around.


Glimmering light fractured on the sea

Cured my eyes off the disease

No fear, No limits, No freeze

The Blue spoke to me, gave me the keys.

Surrounded by the blue

Where I would end up, I never knew


Never wanted this to cease, Felt stressful to breathe

I let my mind roam free, threw away the key.


Compressed was I, in wild beautiful folds,

I am in awe- the creatures it holds.

Some silver, some black,

Some white – all gold.


Felt chilly, my skin glowed.

I had patience, my veins slowed.

No rage, no wrath.

Not on the devils path.


Tears of happiness I cried, free from the mould.

Heavy in the chest, the stories remain untold.






Zaina F. Shah

Zaina Fatima Shah is a photo-journalist, and poet, with a passion for creative thinking and environment. She resides in Karachi, Pakistan and can be reached on [email protected]

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  1. saffiyah April 30, at 11:20

    i couldn't let my mind roaming free, still am looking for the key.? wonderful beautifully composed . ? its very deep and inspiring. read it again and again, keep it up and keep writing , waiting for more untold stories ??


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