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It is with a sad but ultimately proud heart that we announce as of today, Friday May 3, 2019, Tuck Magazine has ceased publishing.


There are a number of reasons involved in the decision, some of which being the current media climate, lack of funding, time and interest from a sufficient worldwide audience to move forward and justify the magazine’s intended position. We are very proud to have a loyal and supportive readership, but the lack of growth over a number of years, despite various initiatives, means that we are sadly no longer in a position to proceed.


Tuck was always run as a non-profit publication, meaning that no money was ever accepted from contributors or outside bodies, enabling us to maintain our integrity and full control over what was published. Accordingly, given there was no income generated, we were unable to pay any of the magazine’s contributors, essentially limiting both writer and publisher. Despite this we are extremely proud to boast of an amazing group of writers from around the world with some extraordinary and important articles that all need to read. (For reference, we will ensure that Tuck remains online as an archive for all to read articles from the first day of publication, October 1, 2011 to its last, May 3, 2019).


Tuck, since its inception and creation by Valda Organ in late 2011, published over 6,500 articles, with over 1,000 different writers contributing from each corner of the globe. We initially started out as a literary and arts publication, covering poetry, fiction, reviews, art, and photography, later concentrating on human rights, prioritising politics and social justice issues from around the world. Our aim was always to give each from around the world a voice that may not necessarily have been heard and, after seven and a half years publishing and over one million hits, feel we have more than succeeded.


We are enormously grateful to every person who has contributed to Tuck, for taking the time and trouble to write some excellent and important pieces, in addition to all who have supported us along the way. Without you the magazine would not have existed and we are eternally grateful. Thank you all.



Michael Organ

Managing Editor and Publisher

Tuck Magazine

Editor review


  1. Michael Lee Johnson July 28, at 16:59

    This is so sad to see another good publication, and a wonderful editor goes under. I have kept my archived poems and only hope the website remains for years to come for review. Over the years I had many poems published here: https://tuckmagazine.com/?s=Michael+Lee+Johnson. Michael Lee Johnson, poet international.

  2. Cat May 08, at 22:31

    Well done for running for so long. I do hope that Tuck will make a comeback, re-imagined as something new and vital, for the world needs agents of free speech now more than ever

  3. Nurul Hoque July 29, at 20:01

    I am really sad to hear this but I am also glad to have been published my creation on this amazing site and I hope you make a comeback as soon as you overcome all.

  4. Tega June 15, at 12:17

    I am very sad to hear this but I am also glad to have been published on this amazing site, I hope you make a comeback

  5. Jane June 13, at 19:41

    Have just learned that you have ceased publication. When more than ever the world is being ripped open, distances reduced to nothing, and a global economy that has us all in its grip, a magazine like Tuck should have been going from strength to strength. Has the rich west decided to make itself small and mean again? A nasty fish in a great pond? Thanks for doing what you did, and I'm proud to have been a last ditch contributor.

  6. Punam Sharma May 18, at 07:21

    I am very sorry but somehow not surprised. There is sadly no room for independent voices. It is a loss that will be mourned by the discerning readers.

  7. Thomas Wells May 15, at 02:18

    How very sad to see you leave! I wish there was a way to make your important publication viable.

  8. RLM Cooper May 12, at 16:18

    Very sad to hear this news. In today's environment, Tuck was a publication sorely needed.

  9. Blessing Ojo May 07, at 00:40

    Very sad news! No doubt you know how well you've projected so many voices across the globe. But you don't know how well many of these ones have gone. My works first found home here in 2015 and since then, I've been improving, unraveling mysteries and winning as well. The literary world will miss you!

  10. I.B. Rad May 07, at 00:38

    Sad to hear of Tuck's demise. You certainly have much to be proud of and I have always been struck by the diversity of views you were willing to publish, including ones you may not have agreed with. Best wishes to all the staff of Tuck.

  11. Gloria May 06, at 08:47

    Saddened by this news. Thank you for giving the opportunity to contribute to this great magazine. Tuck, will miss writing for you. To my editor Micheal Organ, will forever be grateful for your tremendous work.

  12. Pesach Rotem May 05, at 14:02

    Thank you, Michael Organ, for giving us Tuck for as long as you did. It was a wonderful publication and I know it took a lot of work to keep it going. And good luck on whatever you decide to pursue next.

  13. Mukund May 04, at 20:39

    Thank you Michael. I very much enjoyed being a small contributor to your publication, whose mission is much needed in this world.

  14. Sonia Savoulian May 04, at 02:09

    I am very sorry and sad that you will stop publication. I always read your articles with interest.

  15. Warren Paul Glover May 03, at 21:45

    Very sad. Such a great outlet for poets to respond to the issues of the day. I'm grateful to have been published here. Best of luck for the future to the organizers and my fellow contributors and readers.

  16. Frank May 03, at 19:14

    I came to Tuck later in its run, but have enjoyed it. Sorry to see it go.

  17. Jose Kalathil May 03, at 16:04

    As a contributor to the magazine since its earlier days, I am sad that the publisher has decided to seize its publication. I enjoyed contributing to it as well as reading the articles. Its best asset was that it had contributors from all over the world. A suggestion. Why can't we contributors form a group? Thank you Michael for giving space in your publication. Best wishes.

  18. Christa May 03, at 15:27

    Just when we need you most you have to fold. So sad. I count my publication with you as one of my prouder poetic moments.

  19. Howard Debs May 03, at 13:00

    More sad news of the day; this announcement that Tuck Magazine will cease publication. This publication has been a constant partner in bringing creative writing of topical importance to the fore. It was unique in the literary world in its responsiveness to ensure issues were aired within the news cycle pertaining, thus giving an interpretive voice to current events. It's existence was a great benefit---it's loss, immeasurable.


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