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Svetlina Trifonova




Stories You Were Told



On the Human Right to be psychologically, emotionally and all-other-kinds of “free”



Who made you into a slave?

Who made you into unworthy?

Who carried you

where no one was moving?

Was that Yourself?

Or was it people’s worries?

Who told you

what’s Heaven and Hell?


Who wrote to you

a story of sufferings?

In the center of yourself,

there is a crystal clear gate.

A gate you can only unlock,

by becoming

Your True Self.









On recognizing the feelings of others for their true nature



I see

a piece of you

is missing.

A detail

of a precious stone.

My dear,

I know a wounded

heart so clearly.

But wait,


will come home.






Svetlina Trifonova

Svetlina Trifonova is a Creative writer and a poet, born in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The poetry she composes is about everything divine, soulful, mystic, of the human rights, the innate potentials, gifts and beauty we carry.
She writes in one of the most ancient languages in this world (Bulgarian), translates content into English and illustrates her books. 
A part of her work has been published in international anthologies and literary magazines. So far, her work was presented at International poetry festivals and events in Bulgaria, and Poland. The next place you can find her is in Brussels, 2019, 8th & 9th of June. 
Her first poetry collection is called A Quill Of Ancient Silence, and her second upcoming book of letters, contemplation and poetry is “Letters in Soliloquy, Where It’s You & Me”, are published in Bulgaria and both will be available for sale online in English in 2019. Information about where and how will appear on svetlina.org/en.

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