Tuck Magazine is a¬†political, human rights, lit, music and arts journal with a difference: we aim to entertain a wide variety of readers globally. Over the course of this magazine’s future there will be a serious exploration and harvesting of articles, be they political or current affairs, poetry, photography, art, film, reviews, opinion and music from around the world, all with the goal of bringing artists, activists and people who have something important to say together for two specific reasons: to learn about each other and enjoy the art each bring to us. Whether you are the spirit behind the creativity or the person experiencing it, the purpose is to lose yourself here for a little while and to walk away satisfied with a desire to return again.

A key component of Tuck is the interview. During the course of this magazine’s run, you will discover an eclectic mix of individuals. Some will be emerging writers or musicians, while others are considered veterans of the entertainment industry. Whatever cut of artist they are, you will be enlightened and entertained by each one.

As a rule, an artists greatest challenge and struggle is to reach a vast number of people. Of course the internet has provided writers, musicians and painters with a wonderful opportunity to share their creativity with a wider audience but this abundance can have the opposite affect as well. It is easy to be buried beneath the sheer number of authors jostling to be read, heard or seen which is why Tuck exists: to create a environment for the talented to display their work and for lovers of every area of the arts, to consistently discover new and talented individuals who make them feel and think in new and challenging ways. We want to entertain your eyes and ears, to touch your soul and broaden your perspective. It is our sincerest wish to participate with you in culling together the best indie work and sharing with you.


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