Guidelines for submission:


Tuck Magazine is not a paying market. We are an online globally focused and socially conscious journal for the discerning reader, where vital commentary and the arts merge. We do not profit monetarily in any way from the publication of this magazine. We exist solely to promote the integrity of free speech through the arts and the journalists, artists and writers who dedicate themselves to the pursuit of the truth. 

Any genre is accepted as long as the work is interesting and well written. No erotica, hate speech, gratuitously violent material, racism or sexism.

We are looking for new writers with something fresh, interesting and important to say. This can be political, opinion, human rights based or anything you feel is important that needs to be heard. For further information, contact Managing Editor Michael Organ at [email protected].

We are also looking for writers who can regularly contribute pieces based on music, film, art, photography, reviews, interviews; in fact anything interesting. As above, we are unable to offer payment for any work published, but as a growing magazine, instead offer publicity and a name around the world in return. Contact Managing Editor Michael Organ on [email protected] for further information.



Update – May 2019 onwards


We are no longer accepting new submissions. An editorial to be published May 3, 2019 will give further details.



Update – June 2018 onwards


We will only now be accepting submissions of poetry that fall into the following categories: topical pieces, political, human rights based, as have a lengthy backlog to publish of non-time sensitive pieces. Please therefore feel free to forward poetry based on the aforementioned and we will get back to you from there. (All poetry accepted prior will of course be published as notified by email).


Please note also that as of June 2018 we will no longer be accepting new submissions of fiction until further notice.



All political commentary and reportage must be sent here: [email protected]

Poetry: Two poems per submissions to be sent to [email protected]

Book Reviews: We are only now accepting reviews of books that are human rights, political or social justice based. Send to [email protected].



Send all submissions either as a word attachment or in the body of the email. Please use black type face only in 12 pt times new roman, single spaced. It should also be noted that for our flash fiction and short stories we adhere to the basic grammatical rules: Quotation marks in the correct places. No run on sentences and this means overuse of commas as well. You can’t fool us with those little suckers so don’t try. We accept Canadian, American and British spelling but all work must be in English. We edit what is sent to us for the following: redundancy, spelling, grammar and anything that looks remotely like white lint on a black jacket. One wrong word can destroy an entire story in the mind of the reader, so the cleaner the better. If you don’t send us your very best, it won’t be published here and we can always tell if you’ve puked it out and sent it off without reading it first and tightening the loose ends. To an editor it looks like you don’t care and it is completely unprofessional. In addition, if you address an editor who is female as Mr. or an editor who is male as Ms. this is a sure fire way to be introduced to the horror all writers must face, the rejection letter.



Response Policy:


If your submission is a good fit for Tuck we will then ask for a fifty word third person bio as well as a bio pic or image of some sort that reflects the tenor of your work.  If you send to Tuck and we’re not interested, we will still personally respond to you and explain why we’ve rejected it. If you take the time to send us something it is only a matter of respect that we reply to you. Submitting is the most difficult part of writing, next to the anguish of rejection and as writers  we are sensitive to this. Our goal is to simply provide a forum for talented writers  who are not being given the exposure they deserve. If your writing is almost where it needs to be,  we will indeed encourage you to polish it so that it can grace these pages. If it is not up to snuff,  we will tell you this as well. Either way, you won’t languish for months wondering whether some alien plucked your submission out of  our inbox. Our response time is two weeks, not much variance on that time frame, unless of course the world ends, we die, or god forbid, the internet goes down.  Also, that word count up there, it is not flexible, no exceptions.

When accepted for inclusion in Tuck Magazine, we do ask also that you promote not only your own work within, but Tuck Magazine, as we will  promote each contributor throughout the month – two way promotion benefiting each.





Tuck Magazine reserves first time copy rights that revert back to the writer  two weeks after publication, or if you request its removal from the site prior to that period. We occasionally publish work that has been posted on blogs but we request that for the first two weeks your work appears in Tuck that you take it down.  We cannot pay in dollars but we pay in exposure and that means an increase in readers and traffic to your blog and your other writing.  As we are not answerable to advertisers, our content is not controlled by interests that often threaten the integrity of freedom of speech and expression.


Thanks for discovering and considering Tuck Magazine.



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