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Archive for December, 2012


            Fiction for the end of 2012 is all about Christmas  toffee, First Communion, Buddha and Economic problems from the imaginations of James Claffey, Karen Taylor, Paul Chappell and Dave Clark.


                      Introduction by Michael Organ   Volkan Diyaroglu’s art examines the experience of a parallel everyday, its inner sky alight in esoteric expression. Colours combine to sing as one creating a new world and idea within, audibly visible to eyes only open. Everything to everybody […]


            Poetry in December is all about borrowing time, loss, red apes, a fate that is uncommon, passion and tolerance,  and a long voyage in a small boat courtesy of Joseph Harker, Ilona Martonfi, Michael Kweku Kesse Somuah, Mohana Das, Karen Hancock and Mfundo Ntobongwana


                        Introduction by Michael Organ   Solange Noir’s photography shows the beauty of outside to within, each offering a new perspective on the image the eye first disbelieves. Delight in the depth of her wonderful work and treat the mind’s eye to a fresh […]