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Solange Noir’s photography shows the beauty of outside to within, each offering a new perspective on the image the eye first disbelieves. Delight in the depth of her wonderful work and treat the mind’s eye to a fresh breath of air.

Panes pine affection in the cold glow of reflection, a steely mirror staring blankly in one direction. Skies colour the day in a world trapped behind windows as our sight is averted from the gloom within. Glass basks in the delight of light given, a tint tainted only by the eye’s ability to believe. Stoic in obstruction old fades to new as shades fall from view, the complexity of feigned complexion.

Caught on the outside of inbetween an air once free now chokes in blind confinement. Separated only by narrow thought two sides coincide in convergence, crushing the light that threatens true insight. Another time is imagined through the glimpse of that other side, a colour breathing from the death of a breathless air. Building a reason to obscure, the faintest light paints a shadow on hope forever fading.

In the blink of an open shutter nature’s wonder is captured for all to see, black bleeding white as light exposes the unseen movement of a still in motion, our photographer’s eye sparkling in elation. Painted in monochrome silk flies in the night from fence to tree, bush tailing to steer from harm to flee. Left to ponder what the naked eye fails to see, a world is uncovered by a lens believing.

Walls create new worlds in the midst of dividing. A planetary water is imagined as cupreous stars float to form islands, life alive in nature’s green sea rising. Hope breathes in the decay of that around us, our photographer inventing another side through illusion. Live in the world the imagination creates and breathe through the eyes of a camera.

Barbed from believing the thorn cuts the wire releasing repression to beauty’s waning breath. Nature wilts from the cause lost in breaking through, a harsh steel stealing its promise in development. Blossoms boast but ultimately flounder as we are again shown only what we are meant to see; beauty bound or its failing from the control of above.

Solange Noir revels in that hidden to eyes believed open, revealing the charm of inner’s outer depth from her own artistic vision. Exhibited throughout the United States her images provoke thought from a world blinded by sight unseen. Continue to believe in passion through a lens.


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