February 24, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Christine McNeill-Matteson



The Petal, The Leaf, and The Thorn



Today, I arrived and she welcomed me.

I peeled a petal and then a leaf,

she listened, and watched.

I shared and spoke and heard.

I peeled another leaf, then a petal fell,

a red one, a green one, and grey.

I pricked myself on a thorn.

Looking down at the stain,

she said, “It is ok, safe.”

I crossed myself into me,

she smiled, and knew

the ‘story’ I told was of love.

Together, we let just for a

moment the tear of understanding

water the petals, the leaf, and even

the thorn.







3:00 A.M.



White moons hang next to one another

bringing heaven’s presence and earthy observer

to notice…

Hanging like large bulbs lighting existence.

closer and closer they merge into one light

colliding …

Looking across the way into the darkness

the moon dust falls light on a field of magnificent emerald

green elephants…

They move as though dancing without music,

gracefully they silhouette around the other

peacefully moving…

Again I look upon the heavens and the moons

have separated again, white light emerging

toward the other…

Cataclysmic they collide once again,

burst into a million stars

the heavens reflect…








Christine McNeill-Matteson

Christine is a published poet and published author of songs and journals. She has been writing poems since she was 9 years old, hiding her work in her Grandparents’ bookcase.  As she grew older she hoped to hide them in the hearts and minds of the people she loves, and all lovers of the Arts.

Traveling and rearing her children, she continued to write and studied Psychology and Anthropology. The ’soul’ of the pen has been her expression through education as well as her creativity of life’s observances. She is a runner, hiker, and photographer, all of which lends to her creativity and love nature.


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