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Valda Organ

Managing Editor

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I  am a pushcart nominated poet, novelist, global thinker, activist on behalf of children, the abused and the poor. As staunch supporter of  free speech and the rights of the vulnerable, I view the arts as a platform for the exchange of ideas, bridging the gulf of intolerance between human beings. My articles, interviews, book reviews, fiction and poetry can be found in hercircle, herizons, Readers’ Digest, Referential as well as several print anthologies and other online publications.





Michael Organ

Managing Editor and Publisher

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I believe in the power of expression through truth and the right to free speech; singing against the wind, the calmness in raising one’s voice to be heard. There are so many voices around the world, Tuck Magazine’s aim being to provide a platform for each that need to be heard. Essentially I am a poet, lover of music and believer in truth. In art there is truth and in truth there is liberty from oppression and it is in my capacity as editor of Tuck I strive to discover the genius of this truth in every article, word or picture I view.