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Fresh evidence of cluster bombs being used by Saudi coalition forces in Yemen

Mohamed al-Sayaghi/Reuters   By Amnesty International Human Rights NGO Amnesty International has corroborated new evidence showing that the Saudi Arabia-led military coalition recently fired Brazilian-manufactured rockets containing banned cluster munitions in the middle of Sa’da city in Yemen, injuring two civilians and causing material damage.

Over 400 bodies found in DR Congo mass grave

  By Sylvain Muyali The recent discovery of a mass grave in Maluku, more than 100km from the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s capital Kinshasa is of growing concern, not only to national, but international authorities and agencies also.

The Islamic Egypt

By Wael El-Manzalawy Islamic parties won the elections in Algeria, but they were deprived of their triumph by a military coup. America occupied Iraq and the Islamic State appeared for the first time to fight against America and the Iraqi Shia who were in alliance with America.

South Sudanese opposition leader meets with Ugandan President to discuss peace

By Gloria Nakiyimba   “I want to start a new chapter of peace and friendship” Dr. Riek Machar   South Sudan’s opposition Dr. Riek Machar has pledged peace for his country during a meeting with Uganda’s President Yower Museveni.

The plight of the Hazara people

By Sattar Rind Hazara is the third largest ethnic group of the Afghanistan Turk-Mongol race, living in central Afghanistan, once part of Khorasan, an old name of the existing central Afghanistan and some parts of Iran.

Parliament calls for the release of two DRC activists

  By Darell Maurice The European Parliament last week called on the Democratic Republic of the Congo authorities to “release immediately and unconditionally” Fred Bauma and Yves Makwambala, two activists of civil society arrested in mid-March in Kinshasa.

EU calls for an urgent investigation into mass grave discovered in DR Congo

  By Sylvain Muyali Following the recent discovery of a mass grave in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the European Union have joined the international community in expressing their concern and have requested that an urgent investigation is undertaken.

Terrorism and the Growing Violation of Human Rights

  By Anant Mishra “We should all be clear that there is no trade off between effective action against terrorism and the protection of human rights. On the contrary, I believe that in the long term we shall find that human rights, along with democracy and social justice, are one of the best prophylactics against […]

Elections: A Democratic Necessity and Aid

  By Anant Mishra According to Robert Dahl, noted political theorist, legitimate elections are one of the seven pillars of a functioning democracy. In order to be deemed a democratic country, a state must satisfy the requirement of having free, fair, and frequent election.