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The Alchemy of Modern Economics: The Fundless Society

By Vickie Zisman I must admit that the subject of this post has simmered a long time, the trigger being a recent discussion in one of the LinkedIn groups: a laid-off 55-year old professional struggling to get back into organised employment.

Happiness is cheap

Yue Minjun   By Vickie Zisman I have noticed of late a flood of articles on happiness. In both media and social platforms, be it scientific psychological pieces or just rank-‘n-file musings on LinkedIn, FB and such, everybody seems to be frantic on decryption of the happiness formula, and various gurus – self-professed or adulated […]

Marketing in the post-globalisation era!

By Vickie Zisman Personal confession – I earn my bread (and cat food) from marketing. That’s what I do for a living, hence will try not to saw off the branch am sitting on. Still need the money, you know…We, the hoi polloi, keep on running on our hamster wheels..Trump or not…(sobbing gently on the go?).

When the going gets tough – people turn to the stars

Geert Vanden Wijngaert/AP   By Vickie Zisman Rational thinking is good. Western civilization has been hard-wired from almost the cradle of its conscious existence (Aristotle?) that logic and facts are the sole base for correct decision making in life. Even monotheistic religions like Judaism (which is a very practical earthly day to day codex of […]


By Vickie Zisman


Ben Zank   By Vickie Zisman

A short musing on Monarchy and Modern Democracy – The identical twins

By Vickie Zisman I have been thinking lately, what with the European refugee crisis and the self-professed gurus of doom and backlash (like Stefan Molyneux). And all of a sudden it struck me – I remembered our family saying that even in a fool’s words lies a grain of truth. Thus Molyneux turned the light on this chasm […]


By Vickie Zisman An organizational version of the Snow-White tale! In rhyme.

On Failure and Success in the Internet era – the twisted marriage of modern perceptions

By Vickie Zisman I have been reading Forbes and Fortune today and they are all with their different “lists”. Forbes – updating the rich (gender, age, trade etc..), Fortune – going for leadership and failures. Especially how the successful ones (who also happen to be rich) relate to failure.