November 2, 2011 Editorial




November is an interesting month simply because it is sandwiched between two extremes, Halloween and Christmas; therefore it is a sort  of resting time where we brace ourselves for the winter weather and the upcoming madness of the holiday season.

It is also a month of reflection with Remembrance and Veteran’s day, where we silently contemplate the sacrifices of those who have given their lives in time of war to protect what we are doing here right now: speaking freely. Courage isn’t easily defined as  the determination can differ depending on the  individual perspective, but it is safe to assume that we will probably all agree that those who risk their lives to save others are indeed heroic. This month’s seven question interview with songwriter Dave Carroll touches on this, focusing not only on acts of heroism but also the power inherent in one voice, consumer activism and building a career as an indie artist. As always, this months video showcases our interview subject’s area of artistic expertise. Although you will recognize Dave Carroll from his massive youtube success ‘United Breaks Guitars,’ it is his Song ‘Everyday Heroes’  that will give you pause for thought regarding the crucial role of emergency workers and first responders in our daily lives.

As always our poetry is eclectic, with some very new and interesting voices, original, quirky, ethereal and crafted with precision. This month our flash fiction and short stories will take you to the edge, make you laugh and perhaps even get moist in the ocular region. Our photographer for November, Leila Fortier has turned her lens into an interpreter of emotion as colour, shape and form are explored with her intuitive eye.

So, sit back, relax and abandon your cares for a while and escape it all with some wonderful words, music and visual art.


Val B. Russell

Managing Editor




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