December 1, 2011 Fiction





December flash writer: Cheri Anne.




Lightning in a Bottle


Cheri Anne


She beheld her bottle – a thick translucent glass that pinched in the middle. The light inside flickered, pulsed and silently roared. It strobed with a tempered current and an unbridled power. The glass of the bottle was cool to the touch, but the essence of the light emitted a white, blinding heat that fevered her soul. She squinted her eyes against it; her pupils dilated and contracted in a rhythm matching the strikes of light.

A particle of the universe she had taken for herself. In her hands, she claimed a piece of all the greatest things ever discovered, all the truest words ever spoken, all the purest feelings ever felt. All the intangible fortunes ever found which cannot be contained within embodied value or even promises.

She inhaled the atmosphere resonating with electricity, felt it expand in her chest and escape through her lips in a fluttering breath.
She had done it.
But could she do it again?



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