November 2, 2011 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION







Poet: Ricky Garni




Bitte Schön


900 people gathered in Wrigley Field

and sang Danke Schöen in a round.

That’s hard to do, because some of it

is in German, the acoustics are weird

at a baseball field, and rounds are hard work.

The good news is that it was a world record,

and someday 900 or maybe 1800 or even

2700 children will hear about how their Grandma

and Grandpa sang Danke Schöen at Wrigley Field,

in a round. Grandma and Grandpa will tell them

how hard it is to sing in a round, how chubby

Wayne Newton sang Danke Schöen oh

when he was but a child and how he sang it so

sweetly that people thought That must be a li’l girl! 

and how Danke Schöen really just means

Thank You Kindly, but Grandma

will say, that was so long ago

but I am glad,

Yes, Grandpa says, Danke Schöen,

thank you kindly,

that was a long time ago,

and I am glad.





I remember the sun rising this morning.

I remember thinking it’s time for lunch. What should I have afterwards?

I remember looking at books of Art Deco architecture in used book stores.

I picked up a spool of white thread and pondered.

I marveled at the tires of the race cars atLe Mans.

I remember the intricate shape of the clouds as the rain began to form into more clouds.

I remember thinking I’m not hungry, maybe I won’t have dinner.

Maybe I will just have something sweet.

I remember looking at the moon peeking out behind two black clouds in the sky.

Look there’s Grace Jones twenty years ago in a magazine oh oh oh the memories.

I have been thinking about the third Oreo cookie in the second row.

I have been thinking about that Oreo cookie all day.

Over there!

My fingers tremble like old man fingers.

It’s with joy, I think.














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  1. Rivenrod November 04, at 10:09

    Multidimensional, intriguing and brilliant. As usual. RR


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