January 31, 2012 ART/PHOTOGRAPHY


Peter Seelig’s sharpened eye shows worlds in another light, another thought, often another time. Always of its own, a time however the future knows well. Presented here are five unique pieces from the artist’s sparkling portfolio, each in its own way illuminating, opening a new door to all.

We are all observers, often oblivious to that important around us, these images showing what otherwise is taken for granted. A blurring and emphasis on life all around, through colour, light and darkness, we at once see into and behind.

In reflection, colours swim, moving collectively to the eye, each showing what they may once have been, are now, and what still can be.

Elsewhere, balletic movement, no more natural in beauty, ever lost in its moment, is captured with passion by the artist’s heart and eye. A background black or white, all acutely visible and striking against it.

Exhibited throughout Austria and Italy, Peter’s work also encompasses watercolours, sketches and ongoing collaborative projects.

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  1. Selma February 08, at 22:19

    Magnificent colour and form. There is so much movement I feel I am present in the life of the photograph. Excellent!


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