Gerard Stricher’s art astonishes, his eye sucking imagery explodes into the mind, offering an idea new and profound.

We have five important pieces, each of the artist’s own confection, interpreting light beyond darkness and colour within.

A sea lost in time, a view from its depth or just a continual replaying of when. In each clues are sought, a way of changing; why. Was this or is this to come ? The mind’s eye sees into and from, living inside the image, knowing.

Is there a way home or just a quixotic memory of. The present blurs the past, the past forgets the present. A new eye exposing light for the first time, a dark through which the past can be seen.

Elsewhere the eternal struggle continues. Bathed in colour, another universe blinded by heat, fire’s flow burning, conflicted. We know this foreign world as our own.

How we once were or what we will become. Art challenges this, opening the question, pointing to the direction only each individual eye sees. Light provokes darkness throughout, breathing against and above the storm. Do you see what I see ?

Exhibited in Paris and the United States since 2007, Gerard Stricher’s art continues to challenge and excite. Immerse yourself within.

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  1. Selma March 29, at 01:57

    My favourite is Katama. It actually looks very much like aspects of the Australian landscape. I agree with s wichman - the play between light and dark is glorious. Bravo!

  2. s wichman March 08, at 01:18

    Love this piece, Save The Planet....the composition is exquisite and I love the play between dark and light (and deepening color) swaths. There is some mystery and transparency in this painting. Love it. Love your work! S


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