Simon Crofts’ images inhabit a world of hope, their subject pained by truth,ever at the forefront of life lived in the background. Portraits can be bleak to some but offer humanity and a glimpse of what is.


The artist captures a present profound, provoking thought and hope. We have five showcasing the photographer’s understanding, each dazzling when seen from both sides.


First a view from afar where we see the face of a young man, his eyes showing age, loss and promise, empty to the day. He looks back at and into us; himself. Where is he going and why, does he know or do we decide his fate.


In a parallel world, a chance meeting in green or one that has waited a lifetime. The smile’s instant recognition is captured joyously through the photographer’s eye, the picture reluctant to lie, the question always open of whether they see each other or only themselves.


Inhumanity ties elsewhere, avarice shackling those one strong, smothered by that mighty. A bear and a man, one chained, one standing; the weaker now in control.


Shaped by the day, workers move to the whistle, uniting in one statuesque dance as their inspiration looks on. Defiant and proud, beauty though rugged, a riddle to some, life to others.


Stunning images to make you think, hope and believe.

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  1. Selma March 29, at 02:00

    Very thought-provoking images, Simon. The one of the bear quite upset me because well, we all know what goes on with those bears. I think it important as a photographer to display images that are somewhat bleak at times because that is real life and it makes us consider our own lives more intimately. The boy on the bus is a very striking image.


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