April 1, 2012 Editorial




We are well into spring and in keeping with the spirit of this season of rebirth we have once again evolved to incorporate other more socially conscious aspects of the arts. 

This months issue focuses on the arts as a key that unlocks the door to compassion, understanding and a future for children in need. Thanks to the generosity of David Munoz Ambriz and Heidi Isaza of World Vision we have a fascinating interview and photographic display that will broaden the scope of how you see the world as it is viewed through the lens of  children in Mexico.  This will not be the last of such interviews as they relate to activism and humanitarian work being done around the world. As you know we are global in our outlook on the arts. Due to our basic tenet that art is primarily a spiritual and social expression that transcends traditional communication, we also must concede that it is the birthplace of social change and progress. In the coming months we will be featuring interviews and art that is the offshoot of charitable and activist organisations around the world. Some will surprise you but all will inform and encourage artistic involvement. Our video is courtesy of World Vision, Haiti (through the lens)was filmed by photographer Paul Bettings after the devastating quake in 2010. After seeing this you will be affected not just by the tragedy but by the hope that somehow survives such horror.

We have two interviews in this issue, our second is with a truly outstanding woman and artist, British actress Susan Penhaligon. She has endured and achieved success in a business that is fickle and she has done it by following her own path, embracing each phase of her life and career with enthusiasm. We discuss acting, writing and her connection to humanitarian work through her writing.


Hannah Uzor is our feature artist for April and once again Michael Organ’s eye for beauty is impeccable. Ms. Uzor’s art is downright vibrant and mesmerizing. Hannah Uzor doesn’t just paint, she sets the canvass on fire.

Selma Sergent delivers a stellar book review of ‘God’s Autobio’ a collection of short stories by the phenomenal indie writer Rolli.  This book is a must have for lovers of original and cutting edge literature.

Our poets for April have some new and some familiar faces and all will reach into your chest, remove your heart and challenge your thinking.

Fiction for April is quirky, endearing, funny and a bit bizarre. You won’t know where you’ve been but you will have enjoyed the journey.


Enjoy the longer days of sun, the optimism of the month and take delight in art wherever you discover it on our pages and in this amazing world in which we live and share our version of events as they unfold.


Val B. Russell

Managing Editor




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