Mirta Benavente’s dazzling art will astonish and astound, taking you to a reality new, each colourfully rich in beauty provoking that unthought but known. An expression of the soul from another world, always our own, the future looking back to past clues, sibylline in song painted to a tune calling.


A woman breathes, finding herself. At one with the world, natured call aglow with light its own coloured stratus. Through a window we see clearly, flight of returning from and to a world lost, its onlookers ourselves hiding.


Guardian translucent, all seeing being.  A sign from a future past as we see through but are allowed to see nothing. The weapon the self, eyes ever seeing, unnoticed unbound as ice globules burn, splitting to strengthen. Holographic memories of another phase higher.


Silent imploding blue, a universe weeps to a star hiding, the dark no lighter as shade becomes one. A dividing line only to the individual, a continuum of being. Beauty emerges through art to a world each eye creates.  See colour, see light, see your self.


Given the task of finding, a past hidden to timing buried deep in later present to look back on. Frame coloured frail as the soul looks on, painted through a mirror to show what needs to. Shaped as a clue to change; an examination in fear lest it be necessary.


Through dreams’ sight we see another as others look on in movement, a labour of protection; chained resolve. Scales cross time’s protective boundary guarding each life to beginning, a weighed chance to remain free.


Rejoice in Mirta’s journey. The signs are for us all to see.



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  1. Graciela Bello May 06, at 22:15

    I love Mirta Benavente's artworks. I find them so spiritual. She's on a permanent search. I agree with the article description:"An expression of the soul from another world"... Is perfect to describe this artist's paintings. Congratulations to Mirta and this interesting magazine!

  2. Sara Diciero May 03, at 02:56

    Impactante! Ésta es una obra maravillosa que atrapa la atención del que la observa! La imagen está realzada por lo gestual en color negro combinada con los intensos colores turquesas. ¡Felicitaciones a la autora! Shocking! This is a wonderful artwork that catches the attention of the person who is watching! The image is enhanced by the gestural black color combined with the intense turquoise color.Congratulations to the author!

  3. Sara Diciero May 03, at 02:51

    Este monstruo "Tránsito" tiene unos colores muy atractivos. This monster "Transito" has some very attractive colors.

  4. Sara Diciero May 03, at 02:49

    Exclente y diferente obra!!! Excellent and different artwork!

  5. Sara Diciero May 03, at 02:48

    Mirta Benavente es una artista que destaca por la calidad de su obra súmamente atractiva debido a la intensidad de los colores que usa, las texturas tan elaboradas y la delicadeza en el tratamiento del monocromatismo. Es original, por lo tanto creativa y su obra inspira emociones que logra que el visitante viaje por lugares soñados. Felicitaciones a la artista y a la revista por la elección! Mirta Benavente is an artist known for the quality of his work very attractive due to the intensity of the colors she uses, such elaborate textures and delicacy in the treatment of monochromatic. It is original, so creative and his work inspires emotions that makes the visitor to travel to places dreamed. Congratulations to the artist and the magazine's choice!

    • Mirta Benavente May 22, at 07:03

      Hola Sara, Agradezco y atesoro cada una de tus palabras! Te mando un gran saludo.

  6. Neva Flores May 02, at 21:56

    Your magazine is fantastic. Neva Flores/Poetess/Lyricist


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