Maleonn’s unique art unmasks a fragile present, the failure of denial laid bare, reluctant will penetrated to believing.  Exploding images heap blood upon stage, widening dry eyes to a dream clear, missing only distortion, each question found from an answer within.

We have five mind blowing compositions from the artist’s extensive portfolio, each painted from a past lost to the future, cloudless in conception to dissect and discover.  Lose yourself in Maleonn’s world.           

Cottoned cloud first obscures the seeing, bright no longer being as the task necessary of living becomes us. Daze formal, days normal, kitchen kitsch to perfection, of life perfect reflection.  Create your own candy living, face away from the self to conform into being, a normality dictated disbelieving.

In the same sun a dream lived, staged to breathe in, the past recreated for a future giving. Setting scene from feared ending a last chance to redeem, arrowed torture the eye’s lost forgiveness, weaponed choice of self destruction looking down to a past wholly bled.

Elsewhere the world looks on as instruction blanks our being, thinking only of the present, questioning answers given to believe in. Lost in a sea of green the words unknown, masked expression of a future blind to that foretold. Feeling only the instinctive delirium of joy from above, each a new chapter in life yet unwritten.

Meanwhile another loses faith in others’ words as one last shuted push finds the only way from B to A.  Nailing letters to the wind, profession spent, running dutifully to a sky wandering; our tired hero pauses. Reflection of a job undone, reinventing the self from a platform to beginning.

Come see what I caught. Flowered beauty, a solemn reminder of laughter lost long ago. Obsession seen through monochrome mirrors, bright with stark light, coloured to blind, the captor forever captured. Confined in its own noble cell, nature restored to living.

Maleonn moves timelessly from dream to reality, a discovery exciting and enlightening, images his own structured verse, poetic and profound to realisations bound.


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