May 1, 2012 POETRY / FICTION


                                                                                        Poets for May : Ian Stewart Black, Jacqui Rowe, Andrew Feindt, Yoshira, Swan Rose, Heather Grace Stewart













Ian Stewart Black




I am the endless;


The smoke among the fog;


A candle, lit at sunrise,


To burn among the light.


My breath is in your lungs;


My soul, behind your eyes.


My reflection, borne on the horizon,


And carried in the wind.


My voice is that of every dawn;


My dreams, beneath your feet.


My tears have fallen, overlooked,


And saturate your heart.


Look for me among the reeds,


My body in the lake;


My whisper as the skies erupt;


My gaze among the stars.



See my footsteps in the sand,


My warmth in every smile.


Search the world for my embrace;


And know that I’m not there.












Ian Stewart Black




When sorrow strikes upon your heart as bolts from hell,


And all that you have loved has withered to your touch;


When melodies of life are shattered by a knell –


That summons misery to snare you in its clutch;


When skies are blackened by the arrows of your foes,


And only you are overshadowed by their wrath;


When fear invites you to a dark, despondent woe,


And you are trembling at the terrors in your path;


When anguish manifests itself within a glance,


And bravery is asking more than you command;


And when you feel that you are left without a chance,


Stare into the eyes of all you dread. And stand.







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  1. Ronald Fischman May 02, at 16:24

    Andrew's retelling of the feminine ritual could come right out of The Feminine Mystique. The question is ownership. If the daughter owns her body, men, and other women, will love it and want to merge with it. If a man or woman owns his or her sexuality as a lifelong gift, it can last for decades. Obviously, the poet succeeded in evoking a collision of worlds and spheres.

    • blackswanpoetry May 13, at 18:55

      Thank you Andrew for your comment. I love to see where my pieces are taken by the reader.


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