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The Costume


Laurie Kolp


Eyes the size of coffee cups
java rich with caramel cream,
I sit and sip and sew–
a sequin, then a seed bead
so small I need a jeweler’s lens.
One by one, the ins and outs
the lies you told magnified;
why had I been so blind?

Around the rim, a saucer
with tea and scones at three
all by myself, no end in sight,
I sit and sip and sew–
the needle like a dagger
I stab! right! through! your! heart!

While cerulean eyes
grow bigger than a cereal bowl
filled with trail mix:
raisins, dates and wheat flakes
cashews I weed right through,
toss them on the floor
like I did with you.
I smile, sip my coffee
sit and sip and sew–.




That Look


Laurie Kolp


Green eyes pierce through me
like an ice pick, beat me down
to a single fleck of dirt
as I sit on my waterbed
staring at the phone,
I know she’s giving me that look–
THAT LOOK she’s given me my entire life.

It’s followed me around
through college and beyond
like a pesky little sister
trying to fill my shoes.
It’s haunted me in my sleep,
tantalized my wedding night–
even prompted me to push, push, PUSH
when giving birth one, two, three times.

I know she’s glaring at me
through the phone as she tries
to send me on a guilt trip
because of the way I
paint my toenails,
how I do too much
without her
in my mind, a refuge
from this lifelong hell;
and yet I think I’ll miss
that look when she’s gone.



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  1. Pearl Ketover Prilik August 16, at 00:33

    Agree with many of the comments above - would add there is an ethereal quality to the flow of your words that gives one the impression that they are being heard rather than read - which is quite lovely. Beautiful pieces:)

  2. Jacolyne July 07, at 18:05

    Two wonderful pieces, Richard. I love the mystery of Halfway Point, and the humor in Geography. I'd like to more of your work.

  3. Mama Zen July 07, at 01:03

    The Costume just achieves the perfect mood. Wow!

  4. Laurie Kolp July 06, at 20:02

    Thanks for your kind comments and wonderful support... it means so much to me!

  5. Grant Handgis July 06, at 17:02

    Very nice pieces Richard. The flow and meter were soothing and the words filled in as texture. Good to see your poems continue to reach ever more appreciative readers.

  6. Ella July 06, at 16:59

    I love how your day unfolded and we can hear your thoughts. They dance with the ordinary is extracted with fragments of your emotions. The disconnect and connects all stirred through your view~ Wonderful! Congrats Laurie :D

  7. Sara V July 06, at 16:04

    Laurie such a gift you have for visceral images and outstanding prose. Such beautifully layered stanzas, I delight in reading them again and again. Wonderful!

  8. Patricia July 06, at 15:39

    Laurie, like your repetition in The Costume--"sit and sip and sew" so sublime!

  9. Claudsy July 06, at 13:43

    Great pair, Laurie. This is one aspect of poetry that I have little talent for. I can't quite seem to get down what it takes to do interpersonal encounters. You've definitely shown marvelous examples of how it's done well. Thank you.

  10. De Jackson July 06, at 13:35

    Laurie, these are wonderful. I love the ferocity of The Costume, ending with this soothing rhythm: "I smile, sip my coffee sit and sip and sew–." ...the demon having been exorcised, for now. :) Also love the double play in the title. And the tenderness, appreciation in That Look. Wonderful. Love your work. So happy to see it here.

  11. Marie Elena July 06, at 13:31

    Love them both, Laurie, but especially this one. Nice work, as always.


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