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Ian Stewart Black



A rain that’s long abated –

Brought the amaranth to bloom.

Can it be hope against all reason –

To believe some light eludes the tomb?

Tell me love will never die.


Is all divinity a ballad –

To be squandered in the dying breath,

Or flourish in some elegy:

Some sigh that weathers even death?

Tell me love will never die.






Ian Stewart Black



The Night: the symphony of silence –

Beckoning to eternity;

A shroud to all things commonplace.

Shadow of the brazen Day, her –

Luminous vibrancy distilled –

‘Til all that’s left is wonder.


The Night: asylum from the storm,

Succour to the ever-yearning soul –

And home to all that ought be seen.

Precious and endless, both.


The Night: demure and pallid light –

That renders all things beautiful.



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  1. Anne Bradshaw September 15, at 10:43

    I just wanted to say - wow! - the poetry selection this month is quite outstanding, and really took my breath away. Congratulations to all. I've enjoyed every single one of the works for very different reasons, but all have left me feeling enriched in some way.

    • Ian Colville September 17, at 18:21

      Thank you, Anne, very much. I'm sure I speak for all of the poets this month; your comments are a great reward. It's an honour to have my work appear alongside that of such outstanding poets in this excellent online production. The high standard of poetry set by the likes of yourself (last month) have been continued and I've no doubt that will be maintained in future issues. I'll be sure to find out.


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