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Karen Hancock


I walk in the half light

of an early morning;

the full opalescent moon

still brightest in the sky,

drawing my blood

like a silent surging tide.

And my heart beats alternately

“dare to hope/no don’t you dare”.

The sun is but a copper smudge

on the urban horizon,

but the autumn trees still glow

in the absence of the sun.

And so do I,

choose to hope,

amidst the half truths and uncertainties.

The moon finally disappears

behind the mauve clouds of morning,

and the bird song is suddenly

and briefly louder,

ahead of the encroaching sounds

of a new day,

and I reach to pick the brightest leaf

to remind me of my promise.






Karen Hancock


The bejewelled fabric

of the ocean,

stretched between

the sky-scraper loom,

its frayed edges

rushing up to meet me

after a stormy night,

in the coffee hue of Victorian lace.

Its gentle coolness

reclaims my footsteps,

gathering them back

into its motherly depths.

Wash me up again

smoothed by your embrace,

to be picked up by a fateful hand,

as if I belonged to no other….



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  1. Anne Bradshaw September 15, at 10:43

    I just wanted to say - wow! - the poetry selection this month is quite outstanding, and really took my breath away. Congratulations to all. I've enjoyed every single one of the works for very different reasons, but all have left me feeling enriched in some way.

    • Ian Colville September 17, at 18:21

      Thank you, Anne, very much. I'm sure I speak for all of the poets this month; your comments are a great reward. It's an honour to have my work appear alongside that of such outstanding poets in this excellent online production. The high standard of poetry set by the likes of yourself (last month) have been continued and I've no doubt that will be maintained in future issues. I'll be sure to find out.


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