November 15, 2012 Fiction


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  1. Jan Anderson January 02, at 13:20

    This story is so close to home so to speak. It brings to mind at this time of year that I was blessed with so many happy times to remember my father yet so many people do not have that opportunity. A father gone before his child was born or barely time to know who he was is tragic. A father to take over that position is a blessing though not such a blessing as your own father. I cry for those who have such sorrow and applaud those who take their place. A beautiful read. thank you.

    • Paul Johnstone January 12, at 13:23

      Thanks Jan i am always hesitant to reply to people praise bt your words touched me, thank you very much.

  2. Rosie Kightly Stoker December 09, at 19:36

    Such a lovingly woven story about the realities of loss and how life must, and essentially does, move on. Emphasis on life, as the conclusion is so sad that it has a sorrowful claustrophobia hanging above the "what ifs" about after we pass from this mortal coil. The build through each perspective has a soft harshness about how strength to move on with life essentially crushes the ability of any happiness for the ones left behind. It has an air of callousness when read with the perspective of the father on his own, which I think was a lovely twist to have as the story unfurls from unrequited love to the movement of life. A brilliant read, thank you.

  3. James Bruce November 19, at 16:52

    Wonderfull,unique like Edgar Allen Poe at his best on a good day.


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