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Robert MacNeil’s photography sweeps through boundaries previously unknown, framing images in light the human eye fails to see. Each gives a unique perspective on the wonder around us as colours expose new found thoughts.

Through a present pondered darkness glows in future’s waiting. Lit by the white negative bleeds from a walkway provides passage through and to that unknown. From the ground upwards above beckons as forward backs to an ever darkening plain, the photographer through the monochrome of day lighting sound from the shell of night’s calling.

Globules glow in platinous gold as light falls to rained sorrow. Water breaks as air recovers, free to form vapours waiting in eyes exposed to the white of before. Mirrored pearls reflect the day as time in ice paints the way, our artist’s eye capturing the stillness in motion.

Green eyes blue as the slick wave of below beams down from above, Colour inventing dividing lines as one sea sinks to another, the rich pool of light thickening through water’s parting. MacNeil paints perfectly the beauty in depth blooming, his lens capturing shades the eye alone fails to see.

Dreams live in the pause of day as stories leave the body to breath alone. Thoughts fly in a reflective sky staring back on a glare hardened, white greying as time fades in the memory of thoughts stolen. The eye’s mind sees all as mirrors seize the call of a smirk lost in its city’s sunsetting smile.

Light reimagines an artificial world as darkness sinks to a domed horizon. In a sky lit by hovering cones blue paints the memory of before, flooded by the gold of an electric rain static to noon’s sodden gloom. Look closely and in profile you will see a face looking to and from despairing helplessly at the wonder rained upon him. Control of nature is lost in human hands, no more powerful an image than through the photographer’s eye.

Exhibited in New York and Toronto, as well as appearing in numerous publications worldwide, Robert MacNeil’s photography never fails to stimulate, its depth powerful as we view our own world through the precision of an open mind.



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