October 14, 2014 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION




Mbizo Chirasha


Dawn of Sunset


Islamophobiaand Christianophobia drank the york of our time

Socialism, liberalism and regionalism many other isms made rags

of us. Slaves to bitterness from imported political and religion attitudes.

The sleep laden minds of Zambezi lost  in the thicket of ballot arithmetic.

Minds swollen by songs whose tunes crevice granite boulders of unending chumurenga.





                                                        Lost Cities


                                       In the acoustics of the revolution

                                   Hit songs of true and false comrades,

                       Demons and crocodiles climb up political ladders.

              Media gossip down pours, propaganda and myth worship.

                           Ballot fart and ideological fornication exalted

                         Political slogan decaying them to toothlessness.

        Bleached skins and minds, globalization making their sick blood

            pigment. Ignorance served in pubs, churches and cinemas

                                   Ribs cracked by gonorrhea humor






Mbizo Chirasha

Mbizo Chirasha The Black Poet, works as a poet/writer in residence , creative/literary projects expert , poetry festivals manager and performance poet. He is an acclaimed international performances poet and is published in more than 60 journals around the the world, websites, anthologies and literary reviews. He also works as a media relations strategist and consultant.

Mbizo’s Poetry can be found at http://www.mbizotheblackpoet.blogspot.ca/




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