ISIS: Another threat for the world?

November 27, 2014 OPINION/NEWS




Muhammad Waqas Awan

Over the last fifteen years the world has faced the huge challenge of Al Qaeda and Talibanisation, yet the issue remains unresolved. Most countries have been badly damaged by these organisations but the war still continues.

After the US attack on Afghanistan Al Qaeda divided into several groups, starting their actions in several countries against the military and civilians. One thing is for sure that it is not easy to eliminate the Taliban from the map of the world because this is not only the main power but a determined thinking, and one can’t remove the thinking from people’s minds.

There are different notions about ISIS, that they are the same Taliban troops using another name or are another faction of Al Qaeda, but whatever they are, ISIS will be another serious threat against the world and is a challenge that must be taken up by all countries sooner rather than later.

Head of ISIS Abu Bakr al-baghdadi is successfully completing his task in Iraq and Syria. The Muslim world should take notice of the issue and form a policy to stop ISIS from spreading  around the world. In using the name of certain organisations, the US have been known to adopt similar tactics to justify attacking countries, but this time the Muslim community need to resolve the issue by themselves.

ISIS is not as strong as Al Qaeda and the Taliban were but support from some Muslims areas can assist in making them a future power. The immediate challenge therefore is to face up to what is happening before the situation grows and becomes another challenge in itself. The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) must therefore wake up and take notice of the issue before others’ fingers are raised in support of ISIS.





Muhammad Waqas Awan

Political Analyst, Journalist and Human Rights Activist from Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Waqas has been working for various newspapers and magazines as an IR, political analysis expert.


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