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Padmini Dutta Sharma



Immoral Desires



Her chiseled face went awry and pale

Shocked and aghast

She turned white like a shell.



Draped in white she looked sick and dead

Her thick black manes chopped to her neck

Her hands that danced and smiled

Had become barren and naked

Those manicured red nails now dilapidated and clueless

She was punished

For her septuagenarian husband died of pneumonia they said!



Her nipples hardened with the barber’s touch

She felt a surge of voluptuous gush

Those rosy lips widened with lust

Her body desired to make adulterous love!



Bereft of  love and an emotionless  marriage

It was worse than even a classified sacrilege

Why don’t men meet the same fate

When their wives depart before it’s late?

Double standards and her damned fate!



Married before puberty

To a ripe age of seventy

Scared out of her wits on her wedding night

The innocent soul wasn’t even aware

Of her marital rights!



Such is the custom among some ‘civilized’ tribes

Girls are married off before they thrive

Belonging to the ‘respectable’ clan of the aristocrats

They expect their ladies to be like inert wall clocks

Like procreation machines they are meant to be laid

On the surge of their libido, cascade

Swap pseudo society full of sperms and eggs!



Widowhood is cruel and colorless

Women’s hearts are slaughtered nonetheless

A girl that didn’t even see that withered face

A marriage of unconsummated case

Because the haggard hadn’t the energy for sex

Is forced without any notice to erase

Her uncontrollable desires and passions per se…



Who wrote such flawed laws?

And who gives them the right to inscribe her fate?

Term her natural desires as immoral and fake?



Why should she be doomed for life?

Why do women need character certificate?

Clandestine, blasphemous, bigamy are manmade words

But why must she care?



What about her desires, her fire, her passions?

It’s her life, her body,

She can do what she pleases…

Who defines morality and immoral?

Men? a bunch of hypocrites

Or the pseudo elites?

Fake, shallow and pretentious!



Darkness brings them close at night

Disarmed and aroused by his sensuous touch

The woman in her responds spontaneous

Guilt free and fully conscious

She gives in to joys eternal

As her body basks in coupling ethereal

She doesn’t refrain at all.









Padmini Dutta Sharma

Padmini Dutta Sharma is a prolific writer, Human Rights activist and distinguished poet. Her distinctive style and taste is what sets her apart from the rest of her contemporaries. She has the courage of conviction to speak her mind clearly and boldly; often contrary to the accepted norms.

Padmini began her career as a journalist and gradually shifted to corporate communication alongside her writing. Her blogs, poems, articles and write-ups have been published in various portals, journals, newspapers and magazines around the world. She has recited her poems in various star studded poetical gatherings where she has earned rare reviews. Her writings are widely acclaimed and her fans range from India to the United States. She is also a common face on television discussing various social issues.

A natural philanthropist who works for the cause of the down trodden and disabled, Padmini has also published three books, including a collection of short stories and poetry, all of which are available here.


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