October 29, 2015 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Mitsuko Shimose



The Real Meaning of Love



I have to recognize it:

Since you are good

I feel much better…

My soul can breath now.


I’m convinced with this

that it was a real love

what I felt for you…

My heart doesn’t hurt anymore.


It doesn’t matter to me

that you are not with me:

Love is always giving…

Thank you for teaching me

the real meaning.









Seasons of (H)ours



In the middle of the night

I’ll become a shining star

for taking care of you…


And at sunrise, I can rain

and then be a rainbow in the sky

when you open your eyes.


I can be a leaf

that fell down off a tree…

The windy time will drive me

I trust in it.


I can be that ripe fruit

ready to be eaten:

The sweetest taste

between the warm sweat.


I can bloom as well,

my petals open for seeing you

and when the cold threatens us

I’ll light my fire and knit a hug for you.








Cleaning of your Pain



Headache, heartache

don’t suffer anymore

my impossible love.


Headache, heartache

my head feels your tension

my heart feels your pain.


Headache, heartache

don’t get lost in thoughts

hear your heart voice.


Headache, heartache

please, no more…

because when someone truly loves you

doesn’t allow your soul cries…


So, when you sleep,

my hand will wipe away all of your tears

just don’t worry

don’t be sad, please.








Mitsuko Shimose

Although she is a 30 year-old Bolivian stem, her roots are of the land of the rising sun. Nobody knows where her leaves will be…

Since Mitsuko Shimose was a little girl, she loved to read. Actually, her first love was a book. She grew up among the most wonderful fairy tales that her father used to give her every birthday as a gift. That is why she decided to study Literature: she needed books like she needed air.

She published a pair of tales (“Accusatory Hint” and “The Inexorable Cinnamon Cigar”) in two different tale anthologies. She also published many articles on Social Sciences and Cultural Studies. She writes for Cinemas Cine, a film digital magazine and works as a journalist and as is responsible for the newspaper archive of La Razón, the most important newspaper of Bolivia. She started to write poetry because of a beautiful epiphany, an unexpected déjà vu… Despite the fact that she writes poems in English, Portuguese, and French, she writes them mainly in Spanish, her first language. She is in love with all arts, yoga, kids, nature, dogs and life.


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