October 29, 2015 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Ogunsanya Enitan Olalekan






Before existence once existed

Ayanmo your picture still glitters

in between the unseen, untouched hall

Ayanmo you out shine.


Sharpened with blades of sleepless nights watching how life stripped me naked of the boat that sailed my cargo from the port to the sea shore Ayanmo! You were there beholding them yet in still voice you outpour it to be written.


Ayanmo! Days of malice kept with yesterday after being flogged to key to tears laying me down on the bed of suffering that withheld the once zeal i had when given visa to live on earth.


Back in those days

basking under the grace of parenthood

waking up to foods by-side

leaving up to stand in society

speaking even with all ease

relying on wealth

but you ayanmo

you retraced your step back

crawled into my plans

awry my supporting bones

squeezed zeal and threw me into hell of poverty.


Ayanmo! You are a true dog

that stays even when its owner

finds it hard to feed it

yet keep guard.



If you can work it out

why not make life easy.



* Ayanmo means Destiny







Hail Thee



Sound the alarm

around the axis of Zion

let the bell ring

in the corners of the tabernacles

as we Hail Thee.


Stretch forth rods

lay them aside

spread down the wares

across the prints

as we Hail Thee.


Hail Thee!

Hail Thee!!

Hail Thee!!!


Say it out unto lanes

let stars attest

moon confirm

sun thumbprint.








Ogunsanya Enitan Olalekan

I am Ogunsanya Enitan Olalekan a.k.a. Enistik: a Writer, Poet and Novelist from Nigeria. I am a lover of art thus venture into poetry to heal the wounded minds, feed the hungered souls and quench the thirst for change. My quest is to preach around the world change via my pen.

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  1. enistik October 29, at 07:52

    Thanks for this once more. You rock


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