December 10, 2015 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Heidi Willson




Weeping Willow



submissive branches bow

graceful relaxation

limp arms flexible

dangling without care



down to earth display

getting down to our level

descent downward

drooping drowsily



never resisting rest

yield to control

delve into discovery

reaching lowest point



boughs relent

nature repents

humble willow

reaches out







Girl Behind Waterfall



behind waterfall

girl resides in her dream world

enjoys realm alone


sun’s rays hit water

rainbows paint her skies each day

imagination soars


no pots of gold there

only cauldrons of thoughts

pure inspiration


never lonely place

ideas, her companions

no visitors come



waterfall changes

turbulence seen in its flow

someone is inside



human face breaks through

solitary realm now found

no rainbows appear









Alcove of Echoes



Alone in dark cave

Find way by feeling around

Sense of sight is gone


Touching rough cave walls

Feeling cobwebs tickle skin

Hearing bat wings flap


Hands find ledge to sit

Cozy comfort seat to rest

Curl up in ball, sleep


Awaken puzzled

Yell to see if someone’s there

Familiar voice heard


Keep asking questions

Constant replies bounce back fast

Voice almost mimics


Speaking gives comfort

As long as replies are heard

Owner of voice, friend


Same talk continues

As time goes by, voices grow hoarse

Fatigue claims victims


Wake up and can’t speak

Silence begins echoing

Mute whispers taunt mind







Heidi Willson

Heidi Willson lives in Rockford, Illinois and teaches 7th grade English. She loves nature, and often uses it as inspiration for her writing. Heidi believes poetry comes from the heart and hopes her words speak to people who read her writing.


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