December 23, 2015 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Ananya Chatterjee






The vermillion sunrise

Between my eyes

The mangalsutra that rests

Between my breasts

The iron bracelet

The silver amulet

Each one a decoy

An ancient ploy

To tell the rest

I’m your conquest.

Each of them

Yell, in tandem

“Spread your legs

And surrender to sex.”’


If you really want

 To peel me, bare,

Then strip me off

The vermillion layer..

And the iron cuff…

Make me yours

Just with love.








Ananya Chatterjee

Ananya Chatterjee is a software professional presently working for a multinational software product development company. A gold-medalist in Computer Science from the University of Calcutta, composing verses is her passion. In 2013 she worked with the renowned artist Soumitra Chatterjee on translating some of his Bengali verses into English as part of the coffee table book ‘Forms Within‘. She is currently working on the English translation of the distinguished painter Jogen Chowdhury’s verses. ‘The Poet And His Valentine‘ is her first poetry title.


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