Fiction: Adedayo

January 27, 2016 Fiction , POETRY / FICTION


Alagbe Omotayo



“Hi” I greeted


“Hi” she replied sharply


We exchanged the pleasantries in a more casual way on the first day of camping with my khaki still as new as a royal garment.


I kept reminiscing on how I have missed the golden chance of flirting with this damsel and wished to have a moment with her; never had the opportunity of flirting with a lady in my entire life. I was a book worm in school.


“Hey pretty princess” I cried out amidst a multitude of corps members during the orientation.


She turned. There and then it dawned on me how beautiful she was in her khaki. Her facial appearance was well toned like the Lilly of the valley, her tit was around 30D and her body composition was well structured and perfected by He who created that awesome being. A devoted Christian would complement her nature and she was a true epitome of beauty.


She answered with a glowing smile and the whitest of teeth I had ever seen “how are you doing handsome?”


“Hey, I am Dimeji, uhn Oladimeji” stretching out my hand for a shake as I introduced myself with enthusiasm.


“Adedayo by name” she responded.


We spoke at length and later exchanged contacts.


Our love story kick-started that very night!


I always gushed about her to my friends; what she meant to me, how I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her and how she bearing my words would be a living proof of what true love really means.


After a prolonged wait, she finally said ‘YES’ to my proposal. The kind of joy that filled my heart was more visible compared to when I won a scholarship to study overseas and I was the happiest man residing on the planet earth that evening.


As a religious person, I cajoled her to attend the marriage counseling with me as slated among the church doctrines. To fulfill all righteousness, we started going for marriage counseling with some couple of weeks to the marriage.


With much pressure starting to emanate during the penultimate week to the wedding, She pleaded with me not to attend any marriage counseling again but we should take note of the preparation for the wedding.

I disagreed and she reluctantly accepted to follow me. We went for the prayer session with our most trusted man of God. During which he started praying in tongues I couldn’t comprehend.


He laid his hands on us simultaneously, and began,


“uhnnnnn, hmmmmm, oh God”


He removed his hand from my forehead and placed it on my bride-to-be and started another round of his unending prayers, and then he switched to another language which cannot be analyzed linguistically within the space of time.


Deliverance in the air.


He prayed and banished all spirits that destroy every marriage and as he continued with his prayer, God opened his eyes to some revelations while we kept our eyes closed.

To my amazement my bride-to-be became the cynosure of all eyes as she opened hers and started a combat with the man of God. His associates came in and prevented her from hurting him.


Then, he revealed to me what God had shown him.


“Mr Dimeji, the woman you brought for prayer and counseling is a goddess of beauty and she has seven thousand legions at her command”







Alagbe Omotayo

Alagbe Omotayo is an awesomely gifted writer with a vast knowledge in creative writing. He uses his sense of candor to analyze short fictional stories. He is a devoted Christian and is a student of statistics in the university of Ibadan.


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