January 27, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Damilola Jonathan Oladeji







So I will write for the pearls,

It is,

A voice of reason,

And the lights of the God that won’t DIE.

We are losing the truths we seek but here are ways to find peace:


Think about those you Love

Seek the trust of those you fear,

Don’t live forever in the Past,

Stand strong.


The Phoenix that said to its mother, how come ash becomes something beautiful as me? The mother was gone back to ash before she had time to respond and the question about THE PAST remained unanswered. Suddenly the PHOENIX was a mother too and here she was in the future and the baby was asking “Mother will I be as beautiful as you?”


Seize the moments of your life,

Be strong like a pearl,

Don’t think of what people see when they look at you,

They can only see reflections and divergence,

They can see others in you and through you,

But only you and your maker can establish the strength of who you are!







Damilola Jonathan Oladeji

Damilola Jonathan Oladeji is a Real Estate practitioner who loves to employ words. He is a Nigerian who believes in the power of spoken words to tangibly influence tomorrow, Mummify the past and keep the present in perspective.
He writes poems to capture the moments, stories to entice the readers into great attitudes and he loves the sound of music.


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