March 9, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Ngozi Olivia Osuoha






He turns a volunteer

When looking for a career,

He swims in beer

And turns a deer,

Becomes a queer

And avoids his peer,

Politics; a tetra-headed dragon.


His desire is fame

So he plays any game,

His shoulder is ego

Which he may not echo,

His coat is pride

So he takes any ride,

Politics; a tetra-headed dragon.


His tongue is honey

And his mission, money

His tactics are real

But his aim is deal,

His steps are exterior

His motives very ulterior,

Politics; a tetra-headed dragon.


He promises you heaven

Drives straight to his coven,

He makes distinct laws

That never break his jaws,

He builds skyscrapers

Banned from lepers,

Politics; a tetra-headed dragon.


He announces ceasefire

And sets the house on fire,

He gathers the masses

And breaks their glasses,

He prays like a prophet

But lives in a casket,

Politics; a tetra-headed dragon.


He is not ordinary

In fact, he has auxiliary,

His zeal is wayward

And he turns awkward,

His bid is ravaging

And none is salvaging,

Politics; a tetra-headed dragon.


He gives you food

And you are malnourished,

He does you good

And you are punished,

Lives in your neighbourhood

And you are very finished,

Politics; a tetra-headed dragon.


Politics, a general outlaw

With flaws, claws as in-law,

Politics, an accepted contraband

Twisting and tearing the land,

Politics, a silent poison

With unforgettable lesson,

Politics; a tetra-headed dragon.


Worst enemies become friends

Best partners turn bitter ends,

Relatives war as rivals

Nations perform horrible rituals,

Tussling with and for power

And perishing like flower,

Politics; a tetra-headed dragon.


Sabotage and camouflage

Infiltration and corruption,

Deceit and counterfeit

Unthinkable and unfathomable

Insatiable and unreliable

Unrealistic and antagonistic,

Politics; a tetra-headed dragon.


Tetra-headed dragon

Moving speedily by night

Invisible like demon

Destroying men with might,

Politics, hurricane vagabond

Polluting our sacred pond.








Ngozi Olivia Osuoha

Ngozi Olivia Osuoha is a young writer from Nigeria. From a family of eight, including both parents she is the second daughter but fourth child. She read Estate Management and has some experience in Banking and Broadcasting.

She has published some works in a Liberian magazine, Ghanian news platform and an Indian poetry publication.

Many of her works have gone abroad for evaluation and publication. She wrote the longest poems/rhymes in the world, yet to be published. Writing is life.


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