Understanding Life

March 9, 2016 OPINION/NEWS


Adoboe Selorm

We all have eyes that can see and we all have ears that can hear but to have a vision and to listen is not common to all.

You will never know untill you get there and this is what makes me hate me sometimes.

Life is beautiful but not as it sounds.

Life is beautiful but it is not a plain ground to drag your feet on, it come with rocks, muds, rivers, lakes, mountains, winds and waves, among others.

Often, we are blind to have vision but for the fact that we can see, we walk sky high like a rocket until we see ourselves running into mountains.

Now, it’s like the plaque in our eyes has been taken off. Now, we can see better and we can see the mess around us. Our eyes begin to flow with water like a waterfall and our ears are now ready to hear.

Untill this day of our crush, we never knew the words we know now and we never took the time to listen to the songs of others.

Now, we know how to scream, such as: “God!!! Why me?”

But I ask, do we always have to go through all of these before we can wake up from our sleep?

Life is beautiful and there is no doubt its beauty, but in this life, not all that seems good, will end us good.

Let us learn to listen, seek and take advice.

A wise man is like that man who tries to envision, listen, sit and stare before taking a giant step.

Never live life the way you see it, for there is more in life than just living it.







Adoboe Selorm

My name is Adoboe Selorm, a level 200 student studying economics and geography in the University of Cape Coast, Ghana.


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