April 29, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Anindita Bose



Broken Bones



Now we sit together at

the terrace and watch

the setting sun


we never did that

before since we were

strangers under the

same roof


she was the mother of

four kittens, my cat’s



neither we exchanged

any meaows nor we

shared scrambled eggs


only her babies were

close to me and my cat

was my star


my companion in dawn

and dusk

my solitude in lonely



he still walks in my mind

he still plays the rara avis

with both of us


our eyes now meet

sometimes while we

cross rooms and perhaps

we see him sharing a



it was a death and not

a murder since we would

never give credit to an

unknown rash driver


we know time will fly by

we know we shall cry

we know silence will turn

into stones


while we shall keep

sharing inside us some

broken bones…









A Streak of Memory



A deer running in the midst

of deep forest and a memory

peeps in my mind


The valleys we saw, the

touches we left in the patches

of memories


We ran once like there were

no boundaries only to fall into

each other’s arms


In the silence of those nights

we drifted apart to be lost in

sweet-bitter senses


Passion drizzling with strokes

of touches forever lingering

in skin


Let us meet. Let us feel again

the ripples of lost melodies


Not to lose your soul in me

but to set my visions free










Anindita Bose

Born and brought up in Kolkata, Anindita Bose is inspired by the zeal of her city of joy. She has an interest in psychology which she believes has connected her closely to universal ideas and human emotions. She believes words have immense possibilities to create life out of nothing.

“Let’s decode the labyrinth of life” is what she thinks when words form stories in her conscious and subconscious minds. Recently her poems and stories got published in Tuck Magazine, eFiction India Magazine and Indiaree Magazine. Her poems are part of various national and international anthologies.

She is a working professional and when not writing she is actively involved in activities of a poetry group named ‘Rhythm Divine’ of which she is a co-founder. Apart from poetry writing she is also into short story writing, painting, photography and travelling.


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