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Ngozi Olivia Osuoha






Unborn, they finish your corn

Born, they break your horn

Torn, they become your thorn

Worn, they have you sworn

Morn, they make you mourn

Turn, they force you return

Kinsmen; they make and mar.


Timid, they make you stupid

Solid, they make you liquid

Cupid, they force you bid

Vivid, they have you hid

Kid, of you, they get rid

Grid; they label you all they did

Kinsmen; they make and mar.


Bred, they dye you in red

Sacred, they sow instant hatred

Fed, they ruin the day you wed

Stranded, they dismantle your shed

Led, they scatter your bed

Crooked, they are and wicked

Kinsmen, they make and mar.


Blunt, your head they hunt

Font, they have you burnt

Tall, they divert your call

Hall, they partition your wall

Real, they make you cereal

Deal, they break your seal

Kinsmen, they make and mar.


Beautiful, they make you fearful

Thoughtful, they make you dreadful

Tolerant, they keep you uncomfortable

Vigilant, they turn it regrettable

Godly, they make you unholy

Lively, they declare you unruly

Kinsmen, they make and mar.


Fair, they shave your hair

Pair, they blow your stair

Grateful, they make you cold

Old, they sell your gold

Careful, they make you unjoyful

Grateful, they make you sorrowful

Kinsmen, they make and mar.


Brave, they turn you a slave

Gave, they become your wave

Proud, they thicken your cloud

Loud, they turn angry crowd

Sane, they get you insane

Jane, they block your lane,

Kinsmen, they make and mar.


Rich, they make you a chief

Poor, they pronounce you a thief

Nice, you pay the price

Wise, you will never rise

Brilliant, they make you ignorant

Gifted, they make you non vibrant

Kinsmen, they make and mar.


Educated, you are in trouble

Uneducated, you have it double

Arrogant, you become a trumpet

Kind, you be their magnet

Daring, they become jealous,

Amazing, they get envious

Kinsmen, they make and mar.


Talented, they leave you behind

Destined, they make you blind

Humble, they make you stumble

Loyal, you they tumble

Discerning they set you ablaze

Learning, they become your maze,

Kinsmen, they make and mar.


Domineering, they crown you a king

Quiet, they steal your ring

Unfaithful, they make you a lord

Unreliable, they buy you a sword

Unfair, they make you a hero

Enthusiastic, they limit you to zero

Kinsmen, they make and mar.


Fool, they use you as tool

Wool, they wear you to pool

School, they allow you to cool

Zoo, you they pour their stool

Great, they make you sweat

Fit, they make you a misfit

Kinsmen, they make and mar.


You, they can never cuddle

Instead they mount hurdle

They seldom mean well

Rather they hasten hell

They forget karma, Nemesis

And the God of oasis

Kinsmen, they make and mar.


If you are a coward

They climb you; step forward

If you are calm

They cut off your palm

If you pray for rest

They give you unrest

Kinsmen, they make and mar.


No matter the ties

They believe in lies

Despite the link

They make you sink

If you are alone

Never can be a drone

Kinsmen, they make and mar.


Their legs, they spread

The gangs, they head

Their trap is unbelievable

Their catch is unthinkable

Harsh is their set-up

Runs over, their cup,

Kinsmen, they make and mar.


None bought you a pen

Done, they become a den

None, saw you through

Done, hoping for breakthrough

Always, they wish for calamity

Alert, pray for immunity

Kinsmen, they make and mar.


Charity begins at home

Integrity not for all but some

Handsome, they drag superiority

Rome is known for chastity

Even in their closet

The world cannot get wet,

Kinsmen, they make and mar.


Foolish and portable majority

Wise and brave minority

Principalities and powers

Municipalities and towers,

Both rally and crave

All light we wave,

Kinsmen, they make and mar.


But wherever they are one

Nothing is left undone

Undiluted is their brotherhood

And sincerity their food,

Whenever they stand

They all understand,

Their chord is strong

And their rope too long

Whatever they agree

That becomes their decree

When they pull their strength

All the miles, at length

No matter who wins the lotto

Forward is the motto

They can never be stranded

Though not up to hundred

They honour their deity

And respect the laity

Their truth is sound

And stands the ground

The offender is scolded

And the other unfolded

They conform to the rules

And cover up the holes

Their secret is concrete

And their decision complete

Nothing can stop them

Because unity is their anthem

Success for one, success for all

Failure to one, mourning they call

Unity is their address

And peaceful their progress

Love they share together

Care, they give forever

Kinsmen they actually make, they also mar.








Ngozi Olivia Osuoha

Ngozi Olivia Osuoha is a young writer from Nigeria. From a family of eight, including both parents she is the second daughter but fourth child. She read Estate Management and has some experience in Banking and Broadcasting.

She has published some works in a Liberian magazine, Ghanian news platform and an Indian poetry publication.

Many of her works have gone abroad for evaluation and publication. She wrote the longest poems/rhymes in the world, yet to be published. Writing is life.


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