Newly appointed Taliban Commander a serious threat to peace process

May 27, 2016 OPINION/NEWS


Waqar Haider

Most people recently read or saw that a Taliban Commander was killed by a US drone attack in Pakistan. After this the American president and NATO confirmed the commander’s death.

Earlier this week the Taliban also confirmed this news and appointed their new Commander, Mullah Habibatullah Akhunzada, by mutual consent.



Mullah Habibatullah Akhunzada


The first message by the newly appointed Taliban commander showed a very harsh and offensive attitude. In his message he said we will avenge Mullah Mansour and Mullah Omar. We will get free our land from foreigners. We don’t recognize the puppet Afghan government. We will not be part of any talks. We are also not being part any peace process. We will not be part of any so-called peace talks and will combine with anti-government factions in Afghanistan.

The message by the new Afghan Taliban commander is a big threat to the peace process talks and especially to Pakistan and for American troops in Afghanistan. Moreover, the Afghan peace process is under threat. Previously the Taliban agreed to a ceasefire in the month of Ramadan but now they will continue their terrorist activities throughout.

The new Afghan commander is also a very religious person, many students of Mullah Habibatullah Akhunzada therefore already working as Taliban leaders across the country.

Experts say that whenever the peace process is close, something happens so that the talks are stalled. It has already been proven that not only the Taliban but some external elements do not want peace in this region.








Waqar Haider

Waqar Haider is a Journalist and Assignment Editor at the Islamabad Bureau of Channel 24 News.


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