Orwell’s vision: Power under the watch and surveillance of the masses

June 27, 2016 OPINION/NEWS


Ogunniyi Abayomi

At certain periods in the history of our society, people converge at particular spots for rallies and campaigns to support individuals, groups and parties vying to serve their people in the capacity as political aspirant.

At times in the history of a society; individuals, groups and parties depend on the masses to attain certain positions of power by the cast of votes through elections.

The people are eager and willing, it is a platform that establishes the relationship between the masses and their leaders who are not free from being monitored  either.

The republic is born and established without regard for your position, nor are you comfortable until you fufill the desire of the masses without delay.

A society that is not denied its benefits, rights and expressions of authority are lead by genuine minds capable of delivering the will of the people satisfactorily without any compromise. The potential arises, the dreams are not short changed but rather we drown in hope and expectation, in the meantime reaping nothing from the volatile rage of support.

A place where truth is considered a vital factor of leadership is a cabinet established on the platform of honesty, transparency and fairness. The society depends on the need for information from the seat of power, every event and decision not secluding the possibility of survival when affairs are dangling and unbalanced.

The vision borne from uncertainty and the vicious attitude of leaders toward society was the vision Orwell descriptively inscribed in his novel 1984 published in 1949. It was seen as a failure due to the World War and the rise of a democratic system of power across the  globe which has been an irony because leaders are still monitored by their masses.




British author, novelist and poet, George Orwell (Eric Arthur Blair) explicitly exposed the negative effect of a totalitarian state and the paradoxical enlightment into a world of power and manipulation of individuals who cannot escape the surveillance of the masses.

A state that observes an open minded administration is the society where tricksters abound manipulating procedures to opress and compete by their riches and fame. It is no longer a dream but a sphere of reality that abounds in each state of the federation.

That politicians and political parties roam the state of the federation seeking support against their opponents is obvious and evident in our administration. Parties and personalities attacking themselves, the war and tussles against each other were dreams articulated that staged a reality in a political world.

The Oceania atmosphere is an imaginary management that has prevailed in our affairs across the country. A stage of no compromise    and comfort because the eyes of the masses are watching every action and step via the media which has made politics a reality show as opposed to an administrative affair.

The truth is folded in the exhibition of deceit, the masses willing to acquire knowledge thereby monitoring all which is sometimes aggravated by the media, the watchdog of the society.

Are we living by what we see or are we being swindled in the ignorance of our identity? Our right to express ourselves is sometimes ignited but is at the same time adhered to.

The Orwellian vision was against tyrants and individuals who mismanaged the affairs, but have they fully been enacted?









Ogunniyi Abayomi

Ogunniyi Abayomi was born July 11, 1991 in the city of Lagos, where he resides. A poet and essayist whose works have been published in various journals.


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