June 27, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Saira Viola



Detroit Calling!



Half pint eyes trapped in emaciated light

children wrapped up tight,

between, ripped

stinking, bedsheets

and hatching lice –

feeding on the sweet, fresh blood

of their gold-top smiles


The hair of the night

cobwebbed with fear,

tattered tomorrows,

and a belly of tears


The open mouth

of the motor city

spreads her famished grin

money talks boss –

but no one’s listening.










Kick Up!



The cocktail set under star spangled skies

peer over plastic flowers and red carpet smiles

air brushed photo ready faux baked perfection

can you see – beyond green eyed greed –

and self serving satisfaction?

‘I don’t do politics, unless it improves my brand,

 need gold on my tongue – to make a stand

Gotta get my bag packed – get organised –

tell Newsweek and The NY Times,

I’m neutral, I don’t ever take sides.’


Cold blooded murder takes centre stage

jingo ‘flag bearers,’ fanning the flames

the man eating giant of democracy –

Spectator-led ‘REALITY’

Pale grey, calm cream, politely beige

unbiased, dis-interested stay disengaged

Artists and poets dancers and clowns

writers, musicians: How loud can you: ‘Howl,’


A modern pop dragon is on its way

spitting out spite bombs and hate talk and jinn spinning rage,

as carnal lust for trivia gains

Meanwhile x ray lies and smurf suite spies

gobble our data and quarry our minds

It’s a one way ticket to the end

no ad breaks no third beats – straight – Armageddon

So when the guitar string snaps

better bang tail the heavens and don’t look back!











Saira Viola

Saira Viola is a critically acclaimed poet, prose writer and provocateur. Her work is diverse, but not afraid to innovate, startle and provoke.

Novels: ‘Jukebox‘ and ‘Crack Apple and Pop‘. Poetry (‘Rebel Book of Poems‘, ‘Fast Food and Gin On The Lawn‘). Publications: International Times, The Poetry Times, Push, Stop The War Coalition UK, Dissident Times, Tuck Magazine and others.


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