South Sudan cancels independence day celebrations

June 29, 2016 OPINION/NEWS


Dukhan Jundit

The Cabinet of the Republic of South Sudan has announced that the country will not celebrate its fourth anniversary of independence this year.

Minister of Information and Broadcasting Hon Michael Makuei Lueth said the country is facing an economic crisis due to the civil war the country had earlier been ravaged by.

Mr Makuei stated there are more concerning issues that need to first be addressed, like the payment of salaries and other important issues, adding that the event would take 10 million South Sudanese pounds away from the country and therefore the day will be observed solely as a public holiday on July 9th, sans the official celebration.

Many said the move is a total failure on the part of the government of South Sudan.

In previous years the government organised military parades and other celebratory activities, but this marks the first year the country has failed to celebrate its independence since secession in 2011.

Despite the cancelling of official celebrations and the country’s desperate financial position at present, President Salva Kiir is still expected to address the nation on July 9, five years after South Sudan broke away from Sudan following years of conflict.








Dukhan Jundit

Dukhan is a freelance journalist in South Sudan having contributed to numerous publications and worked as News Editor for InterNews Radio in the Upper Nile State previously.


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