Branko Tomovic directorial debut ‘Red’ selected for Serbian film festival

July 11, 2016 Film/TV , MUSIC/FILM/TV


Marcus Agar

Organ-harvesting thriller RED has been Officially Selected for Serbia’s Kraljevski Filmski Festival (31 Aug-3 Sept, 2016).

This directorial debut from acclaimed actor Branko Tomovic is a dark short thriller set in the brutal underground world of illegal organ harvesting: the so-called ‘red market’.

“We only recently completed RED and we are starting the festival exposure now,’ said Branko. “We had a few people from Serbia in our crew and we are thrilled to have our Serbian premiere with Kraljevski Filmski Festival.”

The story features tormented surgeon Niklas (Branko Tomovic) and a young prostitute Mia (Francesca Fowler: Dr Who, Rome, Closure), who drugs and lures her clients for the surgeon to harvest their organs.

Niklas wants a way out of this dark world, but violent crime boss Ed (Dervla Kirwan: Ondine, Ballykissangel, The Silence, Doctor Who) would rather kill him then let him go, which leads to the ultimate moral dilemma in the short’s closing scene.

“Niklas is a tormented and guilt-ridden character with a complicated past,’ said Branko. “He is a loner, a man of few words who lives in the shadows. He exists like a hit man, performing his job with cold precision, but he has grown to hate himself and wants a way out of this dark world.

“The world of the illegal organ trade is a very dangerous one, and not just in the way people would expect. “I wanted to tell the story from the point of someone who is trapped in it, rather than from the victim’s perspective.



Branko Tomovic was named Moviescope Magazine’s ‘One to Watch’, and has been widely acclaimed for international screen performances, as Kiefer Sutherland’s right-hand man in the hit 24: Live Another Day franchise, alongside Brad Pitt in WWII story Fury, with Matt Damon in The Bourne Ultimatum, and in the British horror film Entity.

During his acting career Branko has worked with many respected directors, including Ken Loach, Paul Greengrass, Soenke Wortmann, David Ayer and Pete Travis, giving him a taste of what the role demands.

“I learnt so much from working with many truly great directors,’ said Branko. “They all have a unique voice, as well as endless passion and enthusiasm for their work.”

Red is a co-production between House Kino in the UK and Kaissar Film in Germany, and was shot in central London in January.


Read more about Branko Tomovic’s ‘Red’ here and here in Tuck Magazine.





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