July 11, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

Sarah Weller



Kumbirai Kupfavira



Silence Is Not Ignorance



Many times we are tied

We forget the being in us

We are drifted by that,

Which strains our mind?

Kills the body yet does not feed the Spirit

Silence breaks when your

Mind blackened, erased

When your memories are

Joyous, tearful

Yet the silence is not ignorance

But might be a stepping stone an evolution of a

Relaxed thoughtful millage

Silent when things are merry and sorrowful

The might of maintaining a constant status quo

The silence of a stillborn

In which no understanding

And pain is shared but only received by the mother

Silence is not ignorance, but

That apparatus that enhances

The mind and nourishes the soul

Silence is not ignorance










The Inanity in Us



When you are given the opportunity to learn

You complain that the exams are too hard

Yet when others excel you give a comparison beyond reality

Yet when others spend you curse their hard work

Yet when God blesses you far and beyond

You still are an atheist

Yet when your nation is at its lowest

You still boldly stand and hold hands with the enemy

The idiocy with us

Is not farfetched but nurtured within us

Blaming the other because of my selfishness

If you are bold stand up

And erase that which makes you a laughing stock

The inanity in us has crippled us

Has created margins of anger, hate and lies

Be what God has said you are to be.









Fifty first dates



They came as crystal

Clear as the waters

Pure as a new born

Loving as a parent

Beautiful as the conception of a new born

Until it became a norm

The very ordeal

Which I wanted to modify

At times it was rhetoric

Dejavu of what

Transpired in the past

It was only because

Of the fifty first dates

Which were clear, pure, loving, and beautiful

Annoying they turned out to be

Because it was the same font

Size, color, text


Yet loving, pure, clear, and beautiful

Fifty first dates

I treasure










Kumbirai Kupfavira 

Kumbirai F C Kupfavira is a field officer of one of the strongest and most remarkable artistic theatre and civil rights organizations. She completed her Honours degree in Film and Theatre Arts at Midlands State University and has since worked with the Midlands Arts and Cultural Festival. She is the current artistic/cultural, creative Artist Liaison for Protests Arts International in Zimbabwe. She also holds a certificate in Arts Management from the University of Zimbabwe and another in Food and Beverage Services from Phumelo Academy South Africa. She is passionate in sharing her thoughts and feelings through poetry in which she believes showcases the depth of what is prevailing around her and her inner self.

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