‘A Grey Story’ by Saumya Misra: A Review

July 13, 2016 Book Reviews



Tanvi Bijawat


As the name suggests the author, Saumya Misra, has tried to show the grey sides .. the darker sides of being a middle child. The story revolves around a teenage girl Surya. What is very important to me is that in a novel like this, a reader must connect with the protagonist to feel the pain and agony that it deals with. The teenage girl Surya, a middle child, is being unintentionally neglected and accused by her own family members, building walls of distances and feelings of rage in her little heart and mind.

The story ably speaks about the repercussions of such emotional traumas the protagonist goes through her entire life. The thrill elements incorporated in the story add life to the novel, skillfully attracting the readers, a series of accidents and murders also adding moments where you can feel goose bumps.

The narration within acts as the backbone to this novel, the plot coming across clearly in line with the cover page and name of the book, but the use of simple words and effective writing skills bring great life to the characters within. Such usage adds to the charm as people always connect with simple language and people of all grades can enjoy it.

What left me astonished was how well the author conveyed the thousands of emotions a teenager feels, at the same time keeping the story to just a little more than a hundred  pages. Many novels talk of the good within, but there is always a darker or grey side to every brighter arch, the only thing being here that the story lacked those shocking elements as it became predictable with each turning page, but generally thrillers get twisted with each new turn.

I do not hesitate in stating that ‘A GREY STORY is unlike any other novel and, if you as a reader want to read something ‘out of the box’, you must try this. Aside from the thrill, what keeps you wrapped and bonded with the novel is the feeling of that poor little child who had to suffer because she belonged to a large family, stating the fact very clearly why people love nuclear and compact familes more.

I will summarise by saying that ‘A GREY STORY’ is an emotional thriller which binds the reader through its simplicity and emotions.



A Grey Story‘ is published by Leadstart Publishing and can be purchased here.






Saumya Misra

The author was born into a family of journalists & writers hence writing come naturally to her. She was encouraged to refine her skills from a young age by her grandfather who was a highly reputed journalist and author of several hindi books. After finishing studies she became a journalist & worked at famous firms like The Indian Express & Times of India. She has now taken up her second passion which is her love for Nature and has launched a monthly magazine dedicated to environment, titled, ‘Tree Take’.

A Grey Story is the based around the life of Surya & her struggles which she faces for years living in a large family. Being the middle child she was neglected by her parents & bullied by her siblings. While she tried to help her mother in her daily chores from an early age & be her father’s favourite but somehow she always used to get scolded for her sibling’s ill deeds. Then some sudden accidents & deaths shook the family from its core & everything changed. To know more about it you need to read this book!




Tanvi Bijawat 

I am Tanvi Bijawat, a journalism student. I did my schooling at Delhi Public School Varanasi. My hobbies start with writing and end with a platform where my writing gets an acceptance and appreciation. I aspire to become an author whose strength is the pen and emotions … my writing revolves more around youth.


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