July 13, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Ugwu Leonard Elvis



Mr Corruption



I slaughtered corruption using my delirium foresight,

Coming majestically with a frowning smile,

I murdered his gracious courageous malice,

He sang in lobby and danced deceptive to his debt.


Who cares!!

While I butchered his family with lilies of rose

He lay decay on the abdomen of feasting termites,

His ghost parade the living waters of ancient darkness,

I will honour the family a gift of ghosts, wipe them off the earth surface.


They portray arrogance and fearless of Messiah,

They slander peace a home of pertinence,

Don’t worry I just murdered him, let his blood sink on my head,

Proud I did no wrong, let Mr Corruption rest in pieces.










Ugwu Leonard Elvis

Ugwu Leonard Elvis is a famous and award winning writer and poet, coordinator of the Creative Writers Association of Nigeria Enugu State chapter and a squire of the World Union of Poets.


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