July 25, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

Thomas Leuthard



Nurul Hoque



Beauty Of Silence



Silence makes you many times

Beauty like water purple

That I can write rhymes

Top to bottom and end to all


When I saw you were busy

Business cried on platform

Eyes craved fire slowly and easy

You never cared highly in storm


I busily flourish your life

Always move from place to place

But your silence cut me as a knife

And you’re moving as horses race


When you do yourself more

That are uncommon me

Your heart is spread as shore

The time you are not to be she


What you are man or woman

That doesn’t matter at all

You’re always a pretty friend

A wonderful shopping mall


Yes! I go there to get many

Whatever a golden memory

Now nothing has no penny

Only uttered sorry dear sorry


When you say I am great

Seemed me as a monarch

I don’t know the real secret

Like my poet Alexander Selkark


These are created for welfare

Avoiding silence and selfish

But who listens and takes care

We made ourselves ravish


Who says me and people are liars

The whole universe faded

We shall never be found a buyer

To spread our faith of local made


Again I express the beauty of silence

Like you in wonderful solitary

I understand all at a glance

I never show any hot and hurry










Nurul Hoque

Nurul Hoque is a son of the late Mr. Latu Meah of village Porikot, District Comilla about 300 km away from capital city Dhaka. He has taken his graduation of Mechanical Engineering in 1978 and engaged as an Asst Engineer in the same year with Utha International Inc, a company reg in USA for the construction of Hydro Electric Station in his own country.

Later on he moved to many places but at the moment is giving time only for poetry. Except poetry he has forgotten all because poetry is the survival of life. He published 15 poetry books. Mr. Hoque is also an Editor of a monthly literature based paper publish from Dhaka. Now he only knows poetry’s.


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