Will terrorism in Pakistan ever end?

August 10, 2016 OPINION/NEWS

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Muhammad Waqas Awan

For over a decade, Pakistan has been facing a war against terror for no reason other than two army dictators, one of whom General Zia, who gave us Kalashnikov culture, the other Pervez Musharraf, who shook hands with the US in the war on terror; as a result of which more than 75,000 civilians and armed forces having paid the price. Unfortunately the problem remains unresolved and continues to this day.

Yesterday the provincial capital Quetta was targeted and as a result of that suicide blast more than 70 people died and over 100 were injured. The United States however still wants to do more for Pakistan, but why don’t they help in finding the cause of these tragic incidents in the country? Our soldiers, our civilians, our children, our media people,  and almost everyone from each community has suffered from this war on terror.

The world never stopped the different forces and agencies working in Pakistan from different borders and different gateways. India has paid billions of RS to Afghanistan just to create choas in Pakistan, different Taliban groups being supported by different countries, but nobody raised their voice.

Pakistan has paid a huge price in the last ten years, nobody has paid such a huge amount from Karachi to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, almost an area of the country has been affected, but still the slogan ‘Do More‘ is unacceptable.

We want peace, peace in our country, peace on the borders. The international community should intervene to stop terrorism in Pakistan. Peace in the world at the cost of the Pakistani people in now unacceptable. India must also stop the violence at the borders and their entry into Pakistan via Afghanistan.








Muhammad Waqas Awan

Political Analyst, Journalist and Human Rights Activist from Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Waqas has been working for various newspapers and magazines as an IR, political analysis expert.



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